Hey {{87447367__output}}! It’s Rad with Gravity 👋

I wanted to send you a quick email (pasted it below) so you can get logged in to your membership area and start. If at any point you need help with anything fitness or nutrition related…post to the Facebook group or email me here. If it isn’t super private, post it in the group. This way you question can also help others. Otherwise, we utilize email for communication primarily. In the past we’ve tried with scheduling phone calls and it was much less efficient than email.

I like to keep track of everything. Also if I am off for the day or away for a few hours, another coach can easily hop in and answer your question/assist. The most important part to this relationship is communication, so if something isn’t going well, something could be made better for you – do not hesitate to let me know.

Looking forward to working with you!

Welcome to Gravity! Please follow the below steps to ensure your success.

Step #1. Join the Private Facebook Group: CLICK HERE

Step #2. Create Your Username and Password To Access Your Programming Here:


Step #3. Login Here(SAVE THIS LINK BELOW):


*Quick Note: Your programming is mobile friendly! After clicking on any tab in the programming, make sure you scroll down to see the content.*

Step #4. Add my email ([email protected]) to your contacts (so my email never goes to spam).

Step #5. Weigh in by submitting your weigh in video(hold the phone upright) and starting pictures once you have entered the membership area.

Pictures – one from the front, one from the side as in the picture below. We always recommend shirtless for guys and sports bra for the ladies. They make the best transformation pics

Step #6. Tag @GravityTransformation in 3+ posts in an Instagram post (@GravityTransformation) or on your Facebook timeline (@Max Posternak – Gravity Transformation). As in, don’t do the tag within the FB group. This way, you are held accountable to your workouts. Here’s a how to video: CLICK HERE

*Quick Note -If you don’t have a Facebook or Instagram for any of the below, it’s not required! We just use it for added community and support for you. Highly recommended!*

Step #7. Upload a picture of your groceries every week into the fb group. These go into the fb group, while every time you workout, goes to YOUR Facebook or Instagram profile.

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