💪Gravity Games Challenge💪
Begins January 5th
Ends May 11th
-You’ll each take your before pics and upload into your own group FB album.
-Full duration of challenge is 18 weeks. However, you can still enter at any point up until April 30th.
-$97 Ante to take part in the Gravity Games. This is NOT a fee to participate in the challenge nor is it for your membership. I will be holding all of your antes for awarding grand prizes.
-We will host the Gravity Games in at the Monroe locations (biggest space) on May 11th at noon. All the coaches will be there. We’ll put you through a series of exercises to see who can excel the most in each.

The following format will allow everyone a fair chance to win:
-If you have pounds or bodyfat to lose… there’s a category for you.
-If you want to challenge yourself and be the next Hercules or Xena the Warrior Princess… there are categories for you
-If you want a crazy visual transformation to fit your beach clothing right in time for summer…there’s a category for you
-If you want to show off your dedication and come to the gym everyday…there’s a category for you.

How To Win – Accumulate the most amount of points based on the following categories:
-5 points awarded for most workouts completed (most attended classes)
-5 points awarded for most bodyfat % lost
-5 points awarded for most pounds lost
-5 points awarded for best voted before/after Gravity Games transformation pic
-2 points awarded for best performance in each Gravity Games challenge on May 11th (5-7 challenging exercises total)
*** Each one of the points will be awarded to 1 client that excels in each category (30-34 points total available)

Grand Prizes
1st Place🥇 – 50% of the pot (10% of that amount goes to your accountability coach) + FREE T-Shirt
2st Place🥈 – 30% of the pot (10% of that amount goes to your accountability coach) + FREE T-Shirt
3rd Place🥉 – 15% of the pot (10% of that amount goes to your accountability coach) + FREE T-Shirt

You can see the updated size of the pot and a video on the games here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/356832275086418/permalink/417494092353569

If you want in, comment on that post with “I’M IN”

Think of it this way, for a mere extra $97 you’ll get
-The best motivation aiming for that grand prize.
-Which will bring you crazy results unlike ever before
-And the opportunity to turn $97 into a couple thousand

I want everyone doing this challenge. Talk it up in the classes. Get all your gym friends to do it. It’s all in your hands. If all members do it, 1st place will be over $30,000!

The more people that do it, THE BIGGER YOUR POT!

Email [email protected] “I’M IN FOR THE GRAVITY GAMES”. Support will charge you for your $97 ante and add your total to the Gravity Pot in this Facebook post: http://bit.ly/2s3JBiH

There are two ways to have your official weigh in for the Gravity Games.

  1. BY A TRAINER: If you just completed the 6 week challenge, your weighout stats are the starting stats for your Gravity Games Challenge. Ask Kyle or Kim to post your weighout stats onto the new clipboard.
  2. TAKING A VIDEO: Take a video of you stepping on the scale and measuring your bodyfat on the omron. Must be one continuous video. Then email the video to [email protected] or send to Kim through Voxer (GTZ_CoachKim). Here’s a how-to on it: 

**Note- Weighouts will be done by the coaches at the Gravity Games on May 11th at noon

1. Drop your phone into the holder, make sure it’s touching the front part of the each piece of the holder. It’s crucial that your phone is level so that the picture gets taken in the same spot every time.

2. Day 1 is a video. Press the video record button on your phone. Monroe, Morganville – step back to the T outlined in duck-tape so that the T is right under your pelvic area. Manalapan – stand under the V in the Gravity sign that’s in the hallway by the bathrooms. Face the camera, then quarter turn 4 times until facing forward again. (We want to see each side and your back). Upload this video directly into the GTZ Legacy Group (not an album)

3. Every shot afterwards will be just a picture of your front. Each time you workout, take a picture (always in the same spot as above) facing the camera. Hands at your sides. You can have a friend tap the picture button gently while still in the holder OR Preferably – just adjust your camera setting to have the 10 second delay countdown. Upload into your album within this group every time. Upload each pic you take to your own personal GTZ album within this group as instructed in the video above. Please name the album “First Name Last Name Gravity Games”.

4. Someone will have to mark an X on the calendar everyday. Please double check that the X is already crossing out the current day before snapping the pic. This is how we can see your progression over time. If it isn’t done already, please do so.

5. Guys shirtless and women in sports bra for all pictures please 🙏. This is the preference. If you wear anything more, the pics just won’t show your progression as well.

6. Your weight or bodyfat must be recorded on the clipboard weekly.

7. On weigh out day is another video. Again, quarter turns 4x. Some flexing is totally cool to show off 😎!

Just a quick recap – day 1 and final day are a video. The videos just get directly uploaded into the GTZ Legacy Group, not into an album. All in between are pictures from the front only. Upload each picture to your own album. Please make sure that your phone is level and in the same exact spot and zoom every single time. We will create an amazing transformation video for each of you upon completion.

-Depending on where you are physically on day of GGC registration, will determine which plan you follow and for how long.
-Examples 1: If you start Jan 5, you will follow one of the “Fat Blaster Nutrition Plans” for 6 weeks, then 6 weeks of the reverse dieting plan, and finally 6 weeks of the “Fat Blaster Nutrition Plan” again.
-Example 2: Let’s say you register Feb 10th. You have 13 weeks until the Gravity Games on May 11th. You would ask your accountability coach how long to follow the “Fat Blaster Nutrition Plan” and the Reverse Dieting Plan. They may recommend that you follow the “Fat Blaster Nutrition Plan” all the way through.