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WEEK 1 – The First 6 Week Portion




Then add Kim, your 1-1 gym accountability coach. Her username on Voxer is GTZ_CoachKim

After adding, send them a voice message “Hey Kim! My name is ________ and I’m you’re new client”.

Please note – if you don’t add her on Voxer, you’ll be missing out on a HUGE part of the program: the Accountability.


This is the app you will be using to register for your large group training. Make sure you upload a pic of yourself to your profile so that the coaches all know who you are!

You MUST pre-register for each workout. Our coaches make sure everyone is signed in so that it’s never overcrowded and you have great experience. Pre-register using the app and then check in to the workout using your app or the tablet at the front.

VERY IMPORTANT ——> Our trainers only hand out exercises to those on their registered rosters. This means that if you don’t register for the class, you won’t receive an exercise. This is how we make sure to not overstuff our classes so you can always have an amazing workout.

If you can’t attend a workout after already registering, please take a second and cancel it. This way someone else can come that’s on the waiting list.

This is our online Accountability Group. Please request immediate access. Post your groceries once a week and any questions you may have. Make sure you tag @RadoslavPavlov AccountabilityCoach, @Connor AccountabilityCoach, or @Marianne Valencia AccountabilityCoach in your questions 🙂 as they will be your accountability coaches going forward.

This is the app you will be using to hold you accountable to every workout.

Every month we pay a company called Sweat Angels. They monitor our Facebook Checkins. For every checkin, they DONATE. Whether its medication for sick animals, water for people in other countries, or surgeries for kids… please don’t forget and checkin publicly. Not within the GTZ Nutrition Club or it doesn’t get picked up by Sweat Angels.

Please watch the video above. Below are the written out instructions as well.

1. Drop your phone into the holder, make sure it’s touching the front part of the each piece of the holder. It’s crucial that your phone is level so that the picture gets taken in the same spot every time.

2. Day 1 is a video. I would get the video in as soon as you possibly can. Press the video record button on your phone. Monroe, Morganville – step back to the T outlined in duck-tape so that the T is right under your pelvic area. Manalapan – stand under the V in the Gravity sign that’s in the hallway by the bathrooms. Face the camera, then quarter turn 4 times until facing forward again. (We want to see each side and your back). Upload this video DIRECTLY to the GTZ Nutrition Club (no album).

3. Every shot afterwards will be just a picture of your front. Each time you workout, take a picture (always in the same spot as above) facing the camera. Hands at your sides. You can have a friend tap the picture button gently while still in the holder OR Preferably – just adjust your camera setting to have the 10 second delay countdown. Upload to your own personal GTZ album within this group as instructed in the video above. Please name the album “First Name Last Name Transformation”

4. Someone will have to mark an X on the calendar everyday. Please double check that the X is already crossing out the current day before snapping the pic. This is how we can see your progression over time. If it isn’t done already, please do so.

5. Guys shirtless and women in sports bra for all pictures please 🙏. This is the preference. If you wear anything more, the pics just won’t show your progression as well.

6. Your weight must be recorded on the clipboard weekly.

7. On weigh out day is another video. Again, quarter turns 4x. Some flexing is totally cool to show off 😎!

Just a quick recap – day 1 and final day are a video.These get uploaded directly into the group (not an album) All in between are pictures from the front only. Upload each picture into your own album. Please make sure that your phone is level and in the same exact spot and zoom every single time. We will create an amazing transformation video for each of you upon completion.

1. Check-in on YOUR Facebook (NOT in the GTZ Nutrition Club) 3X a week for a total of 18 checkin.

2. Pre-register for all your workouts using the GTZ app and then scan your keytag when you come in.

3. Post a picture of your groceries into the GTZ Nutrition Club on Facebook 1X a week.

4. Weigh yourself every Saturday or Sunday weeks 2-5 and write it on the clipboard.

5. Most important part – FOLLOW YOUR MEAL PLAN TO A TEE

DUDESTHE BEST before/after pictures come out with your shirt off.

LADIES – we encourage you to do the sports bra